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HAHAHA!!! This is awesome, I love it!

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A quick vector doodle of Batman, enjoy!

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Mobile strategy for your businesses? No! You will probably fail…

If your a business owner then people will ask you if you have a social strategy and what your mobile strategy is.  So many people speak to me about mobile strategy and if it is worth investing in and every time I say the same thing.  “The mobile is the worlds first truly portable and personal marketing device.  If you ignore the mobile market, there is a huge chance your business will fail” which usually brings about a look of confusion and fear.

If there was ever a case to focus and build your mobile site, your mobile strategy and mobile communication strategy, then here it is.  This video by Erik Qualman about Mobile Statistics in 2013 should get your interest buds buzzing….  Check it out!

Erik Qualman social connects

14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985

This post is based on the post “14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985” & the link is at the bottom of the page

Back in 1985, I would have been 6 going on 7.  It was a simpler time, toys, milk and cookies, more toys, cartoons and if I was lucky I got to sit on dads shoulders.  No iPhone, no iPads, no Android hell no mobile phones!  What the heck did we all do all day?!

So is that why I can remember 8 out of the 14 machines from 1985?  

I actually had #3 the Commodore 128 (I still have one), classic gaming that spawned a new era in video gaming that most Xbox and Playstation players don’t even know about.  I REALLY REALLY wanted #4 the Sony Disc man!!  I’m sure I was the only kid never to have this, so when the Sony Minidisk came out I went out and bought the most expensive one I could find!  Ok, I’m soooo not attune to writing or playing music but #5 the Casio keyboard was something I used to sit and play with in Primary school because every button I hit played a different tone, music and lights came on and off!  The big one, #8 the infamous Nintendo NES!  I never had one and some of you know I love video games and even manage one of the largest Super Nintendo Facebook fan pages.  But to this day, I never had the Nintendo NES!  In the words of Waynes World, “It will be mine, oh yes….. It will be mine.”   Finally we come to #14, its not like watches was a passion of mine as a kid as it is now but this was just such a cool piece of tech on your arm that every kid wanted it or that crazy calculator watch with the tiny rubber keys.

I remember being soooooo jealous when I stayed over at friends houses when they had anyone 1 of them, maybe now I should invest in each and every one.

14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985.

Apple’s iPhone Mitosis (sort of)

Another round of iPhone updates are coming!  The new IOS7 is due out in a couple of days and millions of users will be itching to update their iPads and iPhones which means all your social media platforms will consist of “ARRGGHH  I can’t download the new update!!!!! #Apple #Fail”  On the other hand, Apple may surprise us all and have MASSIVE bandwidth (yeah right.)

However, after the cock up that was the iPhone 5 (I have one) the updated iPhone’s will be out in Q4 of 2013.  Of course there are two this time, the 5c and the 5S!  The difference is not all that deep but hey, it  could be a smart move by Apple and open up iPhone’s to a slightly different market section.  Are you going to buy one?

Find out what Apple is saying about the iPhone 5S & the iPhone 5c

Xmas 2 Christmas, a wish 2 wishes.

I remember watching a tv show as a kid where a presenter was interviewing a woman about Christmas, after about a minute of chatting away about Christmas shopping she said “Christmas is so lovely, I think we should celebrate it every year.”

And now that we have set the tone, let’s continue.

Helloooooo! It’s been quite some time since my last post, yes I’ve actually had nothing to say but plenty has been going on as time doesn’t stop.

Since time doesn’t stop, Christmas is once again upon us. The time for spending too much, eating too much and generally over indulging is allowed, you know since it’s Christmas so you’re allowed that extra barrel of beer. IT’S CHRISTMAS!

Mind you, I can almost hear the gym owners sitting at their desks rubbing their skinny hands together with a “MU’HA’HA’HA’HAA” knowing there are going to be 40,000 people in the UK who will take up new gym memberships and never actually turn up after the second gym visit on January 3rd.

Of course there will be the mad rush the week before Christmas in the West End, millions of people running about trying to find a role of Sellotape since the 55ft they bought has been used by the 6 year old to make a tent and uncle Scrooge needs his hammer wrapped for Christmas.

So what’s everyone doing for this lovely festive period? Family, friends, random pub or bar? Personally i will be with friends and family. Maybe next year I’ll go back to the bars and clubs where I’ll be the only 34 year old in a sea of 19’ers, hmmm, i guess time really doesn’t wait for any man.

Whatever it is you are doing, I wish you all peace love and happiness and wherever tou are you are surrounded by loved ones, friends and family alike, enjoying the winter nights with a steaming mug of Starbucks (come on, it’s commercial Christmas!)

Have a very merry Christmas and I hope to see you all in the New Year.