What to do in the evenings?

Living in London meant I had access to:

  1. My regular gym in Barbican
  2. A fairly large network of friends
  3. A car
  4. Decent public transport – Yes, that means the tube.  When you dont have it, you do realise how much you use it

But here in Dubai, it is interesting.  The Metro is running but only partly which means the nearest station to me is not open yet.  There are no buses to speak of and the Taxi’s, although loads in number, are surprisingly expensive now.  So what this means is I am fairly house bound in the evenings which is something I really am not used too.  I think its maybe time to rent a car or sort, I should speak to JP (French guy I’m living with) who is renting a Yaris (oh dear) for a half decent price.

Once I have this car, its BACK TO THE GYM!!!!!!!!  Oh and I might go exploring….. 😉


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