Mac’d like never before, through the power of a lady

Back in high school a very dear friend of mine once went in to Leytonstone Mac’d and asked for a Big Mac meal without the meal.  Now Im sure many of you are thinking, errrr…..what?  She is a vegitarian and used to ask for a sandwich without the meat, this little error in speach has allowed many years of giggles since….. Love you Bhav! 😉 x

In Dubai, just the other day, a friend of mine who has been kind enough to drive me to and from work wanted to stop off in Mac’d.  Ok I thought….. we went in and he asked said “Hi, I need the packaging of all the meals that you guys sell please and I am willing to pay for it.”  The look of confusion on the Mac’d staff was amazing!  He then spent the next 5-10 minutes just explaining what we wanted and why.  After much explaining (and I understood what was going on by now) he had to buy 4 different meals just to get the packaging.  Senior people at Mac’d HQ wouldn’t allow him to just take the packaging!  We eventually walked out with bags of Mac’d “accessories” just so he can wrap presents for a certain fine young lady because she LOVES Mac’d……


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