I think the glory year was 1966…….

Ok, so I left the office half an hour early to watch some of the England vs Germany match. I get in to find the tv was on and we are already 2-0 down! Not to worry, about a minute later we are 2-1 and then….. 2-2, COME OOOOOONNNN!!! Bit the disaster…… now you all know the rest except one of the guys who lives with me is French and he hates the English team…. he is now clapping and cheering cos we are bowing out in pure style….. wish I was an English yob, I’m sure I would have knocked him out….. Haha!

After the match I went to see another apartment only to be standing in a beautiful building with an amazing view but the other person living there is a REAL ENGLISH YOB!!! She even had the English top on with a real “Innit man! Wot Eva!” Accent…… don’t think i’ll be moving in there anytime soon.

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