Its lonely at the top

Came home to find there are no lifts…. I’m underground in the car park and my apartment is 40 floors above me.  Thats about 800 steps to climb.  Ok lets climb…..

As I wonder my way up, I find all sorts of people littering the stair well, old young, sales men, delivery men, kids and some random security staff.  But hey, its a sort of gym work out for me as I walk up.  I get to the 24th floor and its time for a very quick break cos I was knackered!!!!

I finally get to my apartment and look at my watch, 9 minutes had gone by!  Felt like an hour!  Kinda explains it as my legs were aching and I was soooooo hot!

Time for a shower, but there is no water!  Nog dam it!  Its now been almost four hours and the flat mates refuse to work their way up and Im thinking, its time to book in to the Hilton cos its lonely up here at the top the tower….


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