Its still lonely at the top!!!!

Ok, so you know the lifts and water was off yesterday, well one of the lifts came back to life and I text (for those who don’t speak UK English, SMS) three of my flat mates who instantly turned up!  Now that was weird cos as they came in I was busy watching Watchmen!

Yeeeeeeees!!!!!  The water came on last night around 10.30!  Instantly, I jumped up from my sofa in to my bathroom!  Turned the tap on and instead of the usual fluffy, bubbly white water was fluffy, bubbly BROWN water! ARGH!!!!!  It’s ok, soon the water will sort it self out and all will be well in the world once again.

45 minutes later, showered and passed out in bed.

The next morning….

Shower, clothes, food, check for weirdos at my window (there weren’t any), pick up keys, lock all doors, go to lift, press button, nothing, hmm…. press button again…. still nothing….. again, again, again…. ARRRGGGHHH!!!!   Woosaaa……!  Headphones on, music up…. time to walk down 800 steps to the car…

Am sooooo not looking forward to getting home tonight.


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