Oh how things are different….

Open a bank account and you get a cash/debit card, a cheque book, internet access and a few other goodies too, right? No!  Opened a bank account with a good bank, HSBC.  Used them for like 16 or something years too so thought how bad can it be?

2 weeks later, the bank account is open and they keep telling me to pay my monthly salary in but, they wont give me internet access, a cheque book (need a residency visa for that one), an atm card or a cash card!

“Mr Mallick, please write a letter of complaint.”
“I have to write a letter of complaint to get an atm and cash card?!”
“No, we will sort that out but you should write a litter of complaint because we are not doing what you need.”

Ok ok I cant keep going with this but come on…… The staff seem more worried about me writing a letter of complaint than actually sorting the situation out.

So today, I went in to the branch and asked them what the situation is.

“The letter you sent has been action’d”
“So when will I get an atm, cash card and internet access?”
“Mr Mallick, you need to wait 48 hours for the complaint to be action’d”

Haha!!  At this point I just picked up my stuff and walked out……


One thought on “Oh how things are different….

  1. That is insane. Seems like customer service is just a pretense here. The bureacratic policies and procedures these larger companies in Dubai have are hilarious. I’m surprised they haven’t failed and even more shocked at how people continue to use their services.
    Had a similar problem at Emirates NBD, apparently amongst the best here, its been two months and they can’t get my online banking activated. The reason behind the whole complex system fault, some genius in the branch put a question mark after .com in my email address, and the bank doesn’t know how to deal with it. Its like a rock from another planet. OOOOOOhhhhhh question maaarrkkkk…..

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