A new home….

Yeeeeees I have found a new place to live!  There are plus and negatives to this

+ The room is twice the size of what I have now but that is only because I am taking what would be the living room/lounge.
– So the down side is there is not going to be a common area in the apartment but then I will have a room that is HUGE!
+ Plus point: I save a load of money compared to the place I am staying now.
– Down side: The building is not that nice
+ It has a gym
– The gyms crap (Come on, at least it has a gym)
+ Has a pool
– The pools not finished (Haha!)
+ There is a balcony, so come winter… its BBQ time! 🙂
Last one for now: + The view from my room is crazy!  Not a sea view but its crazy!  I’ll get some pics and post them up. 🙂


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