Visa runs…. Dubai > Hatta > Dubai

Early this morning I jumped in my car, picked up a friend and drove off to Hatta in Oman.   2 hours later, we are in Hatta and I am getting a nice new visa so I can stay in UAE for another 30 days, (yes, I’ll be back in Hatta next month).  Of course, should my resident visa come through sooner then that would have been the one and only trip that I would do.

Security check points, men with big guns, moody assistants at the various check points…. all in the requirements of modern day politics.  Mind you, could be worse.  If I had a, say, Pakistani, Indian or some other south Asian countries passport then I would have to fly back to my home country and would not be allowed to come back for 2 months! 😮

Driving through the desert was kinda cool but it would have been better in a different car rather than a 1.3 auto Yaris that just screams at me all the time, maybe next time a Ferrari 458 Italia will be a better choice. 😉


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