OMG its a criminal offence….!

After about a month of looking at apartments and rooms I am going to stay where I am.  Looking at apartments has been great but most of the landlords want, either, a single payment up front for a year or 2-3 cheques but want the cheques in advance so they can cash it in every month.  Problem here is I don’t have a domestic cheque book so cant issue cheques and frankly, if I could I would be reluctant to issue them as a bounced cheque in the UAE is a CRIMINAL offence!  Not cival, CRIMINAL!  The police will come down and arrest you, jail till you are in front of a judge who may throw you in prison cos a cheque bounced!  In the words of Usher OMG!!!!

So that option is out for now.   Renting another room would have been a good idea but between the dirty filthy apartments and the 2 weird Turkish guys who were living in a Villa with an Indian girl (I never told you about that story) I kinda had to stop and figured better to pay more and be safe, happy and comfortable.  Maybe after December I might start looking again. 🙂


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