Its wet outside but its not raining?

In London, when its cold outside and/or raining, and you are in your car, it causes condensation on the inside of the window right?  Well, last night I went for dinner after the gym (extra information for no reason) and found there was condensation on the window.  So, I turn the AC up to clear it….. it gets worse.  I put the AC on FULL!  My mate gets in the car and complains it freezing in the car, sorry dude….  It gets worse still….. hit the wipers and it all clears, a little confused now.  Its so humid now the windows are misting up on the OUTSIDE!  Its hot outside and cold in the car so it wont be on the inside, talk about basic algebra.  y=x –> x=y

I get home in the early hours only to find the windows in my room at misted up (on the outside so no funny comments please.)  Now I don’t mean it was a little bit of mist, I’m saying I couldnt make out the building next door.  It was just a blur of colours, I thought this must be what it looks like looking through the eyes of a dude on crack….


One thought on “Its wet outside but its not raining?

  1. dude thats nothing, I just got home, turned on my ac, and ten minutes later – so much condensation had built up on my CEILING LIGHT BULB that it started dropping over my desk, straight onto my bluetooth keyboard and pc monitor… I was in shock, just staring at it happening, like wtf, my light bulb is dripping on my desk? How is that possible? How is that safe? And it wasn’t a few drops, it was about half a glass worth… My desk will be moved, and I hope my keyboard survives.

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