Back in the sand pit

Been quiet on here for about a week as I was in London!  Went back to visit friends and families for a while, was great!  Fantastic to be back in the land of grey clouds, drizzle and 4 week summers!  Actually, I was really happy to see a bit of sun.  At Heathrow, I went and stood in the rain with people looking at me like I’m some nutter from the desert, not far off it would seem. 😉

I got to meet up with loads of friends and spent far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to much money, but then I really did look at it like I was on holiday.  I got a hire car, drove in to the West end and paid for the congestion charge and paid for parking! 🙂  Even wondered around the west end with the other tourists.  🙂

But now, I am back in the sand pit and I feel like I never left!  Ok, here is a quick breakdown:

1. Got on the flight all fine
2. Flight leaves 9 minutes late
3. Hit a storm system and see the plane was struck by lightning – SCARY!  Not to mention some major turbulence  which stopped the drinks flowing and caused some babies to cry!  Oh and a woman to scream for God!
4. Landed at Dubai early, no luggage to collect so was out looking for the hire car within 12 minutes!
5. Hire car company messed up booking so no car, had to ask for something so they gave me this car that looks like a toy car (pics to follow) and makes me feel like Donkey Kong out of Super Mario Kart!
6. Get home to find the air con was leaking all over my middle wardrobe and had soaked a load of my clothes and bags…… sigh….
7. Welcome to Dubai, the mayhem had begun from the time I left the international airport scene!

Wonder when my next trip is going to be, hmmm….. might have to book something soon. 🙂


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