Been a while

Hello again people!

It has been quite some time that I have written something, a lot has happened but not a lot has changed since my last post.  Ramadan has come and gone, Eid has passed and I have completed another trip to London and back.

Eid with the family was great, we even managed to squeeze in a BBQ on the Sunday between the rain.  But for the first time in years the entire family got together, which we don’t often do on Eid as we all work.  🙂

And here we are, back in Dubai.  The land of sun, sea,sand and no oil (despite much argument they have none.) Hopefully next week will be better as the three hour jet lag time, eating again and travel has really knocked me out.  I found myself falling asleep in the office at 12 but then wide awake at 3am!  Oh happy times!  No no, next week will be better with gym, martial arts, salsa classes and if I can some snowboarding!  😉

Oh, end of next week I am also finally moving in to the new office so that means I can finally walk to work.  Now, at night its still 28c and during the day it continues to hit 38c but hey, got to give it a go right?! 😉


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