Fake? Or no soul?

Dubai is a fake? I have spoken to so many people and we have all come to the same conclusion, Dubai is a city with no soul. people call it fake, but then every city in the world is fake. I mean, no city is natural right?  Most cities have been building over many year, some thousands. Dubai is all but twenty years old.

I have met a couple of people who have been raised in Dubai but studied in London or New York, so they had some seriously messed up accents (thats a topic for another day though). Anyway, it was interesting to hear their opinions are not that dissimilar to mine. Dubai is a transit city, people come here looking to make money, have some sun and then move on after 5 or so years. As a result, the population is very young, almost everyone I have met is under 30 and all are here to make money and get brown.

Question is, where does that leave me? I came here looking for something but have not found. My perception was very different from the reality that is. Three months in, I’m still trying to find my place in this society.

A city that is almost 12 years younger than I am today……


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