Cars cars to old old cars cars

For those of you that know me, I am quite picky about the cars I want, to the point people say to me “ER!  Why would you get that car!?” but I am always happy to go against the grain. I mean I am happy to drive around in cars that don’t conform to the modern standards of built in GPS for example.

Today, I am in a situation where I NEED a car since I am back in London, time is short, funds are a little low and I am stuck with having to pick an old Golf, an old BMW or something else OLD!  Haha!  I miss m S2000.  I could do foot patrol for a couple of months but then that means getting about will be cooooooold and wet considering it is Autumn and good old Halloween is around the corner.

Hmm…. maybe that Golf I looked at is not all that bad, I mean it will keep me warm and dry when I want to go PARTY HARD on (now) Thursday nights! Haha!!!! 😉


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