What makes you take option A from option B?  Is it logic (live long and prosper), is it emotion, past experience or is it just a decision that is made at the moment for the sake of it?

I put the following status up on my facebook page earlier today:

Zeeshan's facebook status 25 oct 2010

For me, we are at a cross road all the time, every moment of every day is a decision that we make.  How do we move, how do we speak, how do we think, which way do we go, what do we eat, drink or not to eat or drink, do you cross your arms, do you look up when you hear something etc.  But these are the simpler and easier choices since they are partially instinct and partially etiquette with which we live our lives by without even thinking about it.

But its the really big decisions that I am thinking about today.  How and why do we make the choices that we do that will fundamentally effect our lives for years or decades to come?

So, I think, with choice comes risk, without risk the choice has no value.  Maybe we should take the choice that will bring about the most value which in turn may mean taking the largest risk, right?

If that is true, then the next point is, courage.  Does the amount of courage dictate the amount of risk we can handle?  The more risk we can handle may lead to more value from the choice we make.  But what if we muster up all our courage, take all the risk we can handle to gain the most value and still the repercussions of the choice made is not what you want?

On the other hand, in all choices there is always more than one option.  “No there isn’t always” I hear someone cry!  But the choices can often be to act or not to act, there are your two choices straight away.  Now, there will be variations of these two choices dependent on the choice at hand and that is where all the stuff I am talking about comes in to play.

Take the easy option, take the safe bet, don’t risk much, don’t put yourself out there, you will get squished (LOL).  How many times do your friends/family tell that to you?  If that is the case, then you can live a mediocre life with the safe easy options, don’t experience heart ache, adrenaline rush, massive excitement, sadness & happiness, and in the extreme case have the opportunity to be with someone you love and admire so much that you would do anything for, risk everything and have the courage to maybe lose it all…. all for a chance to be with that person.

Do you have the courage to take the risk to get what you really want in life?


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