2011 comes to knock on my door

Another calendar year is about to open while so much has happened in 2010 (as every year). I have been happy, sad & excited. I have cried, got hurt, got let down but have been surprised with amazing amounts of generosity, love & care. I have lost people in my life, some through choice & some through necessity, but I have gained so many amazing people too. It really has been a wonderful year & (while I write this) there is still another ENTIRE DAY TO GO!!!! Wonder what is in store for me? 🙂

The next calendar year is going to be an interesting one, I have decisions to make which can fundamentally change the path I am traveling down, the people on my journey will change, there will be new experiences & I will find new countries to visit with the hopes of making my Facebook friends list ever longer.

To anyone that reads this (& to everyone that doesn’t), I hope you can look at 2010 & think that was an amazing year filled with different emotions, different people & loads of experiences. I wish you all well & hope you all find peace love & happiness in 2011.

See you all soon


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