Learn something through silence

Is it true that we all learn something new, everyday?  If so, then I am learning something about life all the time every moment of everyday.  Life is like one big lesson, no matter what happens there is ALWAYS something to gain.

Today, I got over jet lag as I manged to get to sleep at 1am rather than 3am, of course from this I woke up feeling great and decided to walk to the office only to find it took me 45 minutes and was late.  But during that 45 minutes I had time to think and reflect on some of the things that have been happening and certainly some of the things that are happening right now.  I got to the office feeling very open minded and kept myself as neutral as possible, which in turn kept me very calm and relaxed (I got plenty of sun today too which might have helped).  The interesting thing that came out of it all was the chance to just listen, observe and take everyone in.  Amazing what you learn when you are silent.

How silent are you when you are participating in a social environment?


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