Moments from a time past

I wrote this post a while ago but has been sitting in the draft folder, thought I would post it out for you, enjoy!

Spent the evening with a friend who I last saw in 1997, for me that was 13-14 years ago now (in case you are reading this in the near and not to distant future).  How did we find each other, the answer is easy FACEBOOK!  Yes, after networking with friends of friends of friends, years later I am still finding people from the past.  Im sure you all know what I am talking about, but of course there are a few who are yet to get on the Facebook band wagon (after all there are only 500,000,000 Facebook users world wide 😉 )

So, sitting in Busaba Eathai on Wardour Street eating some high street Thai food and then into Princi for some amazing passion fruit cheese cake with a skinny latte, we spent the evening catching up about uni, work, travels, school, college, family and friends.  On my way home, I had been thinking about the past.  What it means for the present and the future that is yet to come.

Do we really learn from our mistakes?  Do we take forward all the positive and constructive points?  Do we dwell on issues that are unresolved?  I would like to say that we do all the positive things, or at the least we try.  After all, every moment that passes is never going to come again, right?  (hit that 88mph and boom, 1987 here I come!)

So if no moment is to be repeated, then shouldn’t the saying “Live every moment as if it were your last” really stand true and tall for us?  If it does, then what happens to us when we are going through our daily lives, moaning and complaining about our work, social life, boy friends and girl friends?  It’s at that moment, when the thought process stops and feelings take over.  We forget that this moment will never come again, we forget that utilising that moment to live to your fullest is the only way to not waste your time.

Living to the fullest – That is your decision, what is living to the fullest.  Like I say to lots of people, there is no right and wrong, only opinion.


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