Choices to changes

Sometimes life changes, sometimes it continues on what seems like a straight path.  But actually your life, like everyone else’s is forever changing.

The changes that come about through other peoples decisions can often be seen as those changes that people sometimes get upset about, struggle with and  often don’t like.  But the changes i’m talking about today are the ones that come thorough opportunities that come your way through the choices that you make.

Choices are the decisions that we all make which have the strong ability to mould the direction of our lives.  The question often is, do you have the courage to make that decision?

I spoke to a few people the last couple of days about their lives, this was particularly relevant as we were all going through a journey that had the potential to change our lives should we have the courage to take the change and utilise what we could potentially gain.

I remember one man actually said to me “I don’t think I deserve this yet” while another girl said “It scares me a little, I’m not sure I’m ready just yet.”  At the same time, there were people who were itching to get through to the end and the gains that were present for the taking were not even enough.

This made me wonder how many people out there, chose not to succeed in the choices they make.

Choice, is it not the corner stone of freedom?  Freedom, is it not the corner stone to happiness?  Freedom of choice is the ability to be happy through the options you choose to take, or not take.


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