iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone !!  The whole world has gone iPhone  mad!

The digital world is a blaze with information spewing out about Apple’s conference today (6PM GMT).  Honestly, go search for “Apple iPhone” and see what comes up!

  • Is it going to be a iPhone 4S?
  • Is it going to be a iPhone 5?
  • Is it going to be both?

Either way, there will be plenty to talk about after the announcement.  No doubt there will be talks of the mistakes they have made, the disappointments and finally the cult saying “ALL HAIL APPLE!”

Personally, I have had a Blackberry, an Android and an iPhone all in the past 1-2 years but can’t quite make the decision as to which is best.  They all do the same thing and everything slightly different.  But today, all I will be looking for is how the next iteration of the iPhone saga is going to make my life that much easier.  Am I going to be part of the 80%+ that upgrade from iPhone to iPhone?

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