Apple’s iPhone Mitosis (sort of)

Another round of iPhone updates are coming!  The new IOS7 is due out in a couple of days and millions of users will be itching to update their iPads and iPhones which means all your social media platforms will consist of “ARRGGHH  I can’t download the new update!!!!! #Apple #Fail”  On the other hand, Apple may surprise us all and have MASSIVE bandwidth (yeah right.)

However, after the cock up that was the iPhone 5 (I have one) the updated iPhone’s will be out in Q4 of 2013.  Of course there are two this time, the 5c and the 5S!  The difference is not all that deep but hey, it  could be a smart move by Apple and open up iPhone’s to a slightly different market section.  Are you going to buy one?

Find out what Apple is saying about the iPhone 5S & the iPhone 5c


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