14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985

This post is based on the post “14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985” & the link is at the bottom of the page

Back in 1985, I would have been 6 going on 7.  It was a simpler time, toys, milk and cookies, more toys, cartoons and if I was lucky I got to sit on dads shoulders.  No iPhone, no iPads, no Android hell no mobile phones!  What the heck did we all do all day?!

So is that why I can remember 8 out of the 14 machines from 1985?  

I actually had #3 the Commodore 128 (I still have one), classic gaming that spawned a new era in video gaming that most Xbox and Playstation players don’t even know about.  I REALLY REALLY wanted #4 the Sony Disc man!!  I’m sure I was the only kid never to have this, so when the Sony Minidisk came out I went out and bought the most expensive one I could find!  Ok, I’m soooo not attune to writing or playing music but #5 the Casio keyboard was something I used to sit and play with in Primary school because every button I hit played a different tone, music and lights came on and off!  The big one, #8 the infamous Nintendo NES!  I never had one and some of you know I love video games and even manage one of the largest Super Nintendo Facebook fan pages.  But to this day, I never had the Nintendo NES!  In the words of Waynes World, “It will be mine, oh yes….. It will be mine.”   Finally we come to #14, its not like watches was a passion of mine as a kid as it is now but this was just such a cool piece of tech on your arm that every kid wanted it or that crazy calculator watch with the tiny rubber keys.

I remember being soooooo jealous when I stayed over at friends houses when they had anyone 1 of them, maybe now I should invest in each and every one.

14 Machines That Were Brilliant in 1985.


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